Professionals Selling Their Bodies in Venezuela to Get Food: Sanders' Workers Paradise!

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  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply Let's seal Sanders in a wooden crate and ship him to Venezuela. If only....
  • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance reply You mean even I could get a date there, the rabbit dinner is on me.
  • [ – ] ironrope reply socialist venezuela main exports - RIP oil, titties, runescape money sounds diverse to me m8
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Why isn't Hollywood talking about this? It's Trumps fault, right?
  • Wolfcry64 reply Bbbbut, it's a capitalist nation. It's not true socialism.
  • [ – ] Sevillano reply Who's paying for those hookers?! Are they receiving Flamingos and Bunnies?!
  • Black_Tower reply You can not SHARE your way to PROSPERITY!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Women that don't stand against Sharia Law, are NOT standing against a ideology that would see them reduced to property. Islam is (not a RACE) a death CULT and a RAPE culture. Muhammad married a six (6) year old and RAPED HER when she was nine (9). Muhammad took sex slaves after he murdered their families. Death to the apostate (those that choose to leave Islam), Death to daughter's that don't obey (Honor killings), Death to the infidel, Death to Muslim's that eat during the fast, Death to those that slander the prophet (Charlie Hebedo) Death to those that miss the 5AM prayer. Death to etc....... Canada's "last civil liberties group" battles anti-"Islamophobia" motion
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Communism always leads to the mismanagement of the economy, then the people starve. The typical government response is too jail, murder to squash the people that refuse to starve to death. Cuba is an example, Venezuela is the latest example of how government control of the economy doesn't respond to the needs of the people. In a true capitalist economy people have the incentive to produce food for sale which employs people who pay for services. In a communist society there is NO ability to provide even the basic needs for the people as every aspect of society is controlled so even producing food is squashed in RED TAPE.
  • I3UTM reply Well, there are some need of those Professions here in the U.S. Humanitarian work-visa? So no to economic thawrting and yes to economic trade!
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Between this social disaster and the natural ones worldwide one would think that standing for a national anthem and saluting a flag that allows you the right to make millions of dollars a year for playing a game would not cause anyone any grief. Things that make me go Hummm!
  • hanes reply There is some a guilty pleasure in seeing a Communist Regime collapse, but my heart does go out to the Venezuelans
  • AlcoholicSmurf reply btw Styx, did you see the /r/2007scape reddit comminity for osrs try to sabotage the venezuelans botting to eat? The Jagex mods were a tad conflicted on to ban those bots or not.
  • AlcoholicSmurf reply OSRS HELL YEAH
  • [ – ] Rando91 reply -i
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