One Final Sin before I Follow Jesus

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  • paul52 reply Hi Wayne I appreciate your honesty and courage to your admissions and ministry to your latest vid one last sin before i follow Jesus. You have fantastic courage and i admire you. I too have had an addiction like you since I was 8 or 9 and Im 52 now and havent really got rid of it but will be looking up to you.... still looking for the segment on that.
  • MylesKjennings reply We all need to be a crazy as you describe in many of your videos when it come to our Lord and savior . This only shows how serious you are. I admit I lake this a lil , I really need to be more crazy for our Lord and savior. Love you bro god bless . No your not perfect yet but you are a good role model. You admit your faults and you are always striving.
  • [ – ] Debb59 reply I'm so blessed by this ministry. Thank you Jesus for using my Brother Levi in a powerful way. God bless you!
  • [ – ] Sportsmann reply Your not Crazy Bro God bless and We will make it
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