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  • ChozisKinchid reply I was going to dress up as a feminist this halloween but, I couldn't get the 2x4 up my ass.
  • TenderBabyMeat reply Wasn't planning on dressing up this year cuz I'm old and boring. But now I think I wanna go as Mohammahontis, the Six Arm Eskimo Deity... In blackface. I'll take a picture and send it to those twats.
  • hipsterhyena reply Name the costume: White kid holding a Jello Puddin' Pop. Black girl with blonde braid and princess dress. Muslim in robes with sword Bill Cosby Elsa terrorist! No, you racist,, Rudolph Valentino
  • ChozisKinchid reply jesus was a jew. doesn't that mean only jews can dress as jesus?
  • [ – ] whitezombie reply These are the days of the dead and undead, the forgotten the down trodden. These are the days of misrule the days that we offend heaven itself. We are loose and we will have our due. Shut up breathers you don't get a say.
  • [ – ] Ruin88 reply Can someone please nail the doors shut and light there building on fire. Think Tank my ass!
    • Kaladesh parent reply Fish Tank more like... And they overrate themselves. They are also as pretty as they are intelligent.
  • aidanjt reply This video gave me cancer. I want a refund!
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Dang it! I should have seen this before Halloween. I could have triggered ppl and gone as Mr T LMFAO
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