Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 6 Reaction - The Real Traitors

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  • Anriku reply Sorry for the messed up voice audio - Didn't realize it until I started recording the reviews...
  • Tannaka reply Yeah i saw it ^^ i didnt know if u thought about that :)
  • Tannaka reply And sry if thats a little bit to much and if there are some grammar issues here and there ^^
  • [ – ] Tannaka reply The audio is messed as u said but the reaction is there so its ok ! :) One thing i want to talk about is, i hope u dont see reiner and berthold as pure traitors and that the play arround and have all the time a mask on, because we have seen it wenn reiner talked about "we were just kids... we didnt knew anything !" Thts right ! They ar at the same age so reiner and berthold thex both was 10 year old kids when they crushed the wall, reiner has allthough tiers in his eyes when he talked about what a "hlfassed piece of shit" he is and berthold has tiers in his eyes after mikasa attacked him before he transformed. So i beleve in this 2 guys after all and i think that there is a bigger picture in the future !! i know back in the days when they grown up the colossal titan showed up again but that aside i hope u know how i mean that :)
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