200 Follower Special Mukbang Q&A

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  • [ – ] Dazzlinglatte reply Thank you to all the people who asked me stuff. It was all so weird & I loved it!! The questions I answered were from.. @TaurusSilverDiamond @Flying_Purple_Pizzas @ForeverFriendship @HeroicVillian @itsOnlyRawman @lordcooler @MrATAndreiThomas @MysticSword @Satchel-McQueen @techmespot @The_Z_Files @IdealiDeviceOfAnInformedUnion & @StefanJenkins
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Woah awesome poses and yes remember Google+ , the community you created https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106907022954338103299 you are very thoughtful thinking of bringing people together. Just watching your Monkey Island let's plays always made me laugh, I loved your reactions. Congratulations.
    • Dazzlinglatte parent reply Thank you. I really want to continue that series. Right now, I'm working on getting everything set up to play Escape From Monkey Island. ☠🐵🌴
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Thank you , Dazzling, for answering my questions! You did a really good Mukbang with your doughnuts and your chocolate milk. I know what you mean about the guitar, I don't learn things well either. Doughnuts are awesome! I don't eat them anymore, but I've always had a special place in my heart for them. And Mario, well, who could resist Mario? This video was a fun time, well done!
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Wonderful. You are so adorable. I enjoyed this. Mmmm, yumym! Doughnuts and chocolate milk. I think I gained a couple pounds just watching. Lol. Thanks for answering my questions. Wow, you really love your coffee and chocolate milk! =D Ok, stay awesome!
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Thanks for mentioning me love, all your videos are fantastic. Peace 😊
  • [ – ] techmespot reply Oh!! Dear..Thanks..Really Appreciated...Enjoyed this video..again..you are incredibly Awesome..lol
  • [ – ] GunDoctorTV reply Congratulations!!!!!
  • [ – ] arrghgarry reply well done
  • [ – ] The_Z_Files reply No problem and Chocolate milk is perfectly acceptable, like even in Russia...maybe....possibly,actually they'd confiscate it as contraband but hey that's life :P
  • [ – ] top10archives reply Congrats on the 200 followers... but you forgot to share the doughnuts!
  • [ – ] Rawman reply eyyyy thanks for showing my comment! congratulations on 200. chocolate milk is a beverage i would want to be too any milkshake to be honest milkshakes are the best!!
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Congratulations on 200 followers!!
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