Is Highschool Important?

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  • danielamann reply I think you are absolutely right...High school is a developmental time as much as a learning time. It is good in that it teaches you how to experience the world before you get into a bigger world
  • [ – ] DaveTheSmeargle reply You have very nice and energetic editing! I also like the cool character you drew!
  • gumbino reply nice, to see you on vidme as well. I agree that highschool is a waste of time but still needed as a placeholder to keep you doing something productive until you've successfully matured, the only thing new that I've learned from high school are from courses that are usually taught in college.
  • RubenLeija reply this was really dope
  • JustHypeVibe reply Yep I've experience most of this; and I agree with what you said it's a transitional stage as a way for a person to be matured.
  • BrianAiya reply Nicely said, I am a college student now. Many people will say, "when you get older, you will miss highschool." College is way better than highschool. anyways, i agree with you in the social sense that highschool is when you have you have to get acquainted with people outside your inner circle/family. It was a stressful experience but experience is experience and I made many friends. But i think also the classes are also helpful. I mean, on how to deal with stress, deadlines, how to discipline and study and have good time management or how to deal w/ people you don't like when you are in a group project. But any experience is always good. Made me who i am today.
  • Rawman reply "Maturity is evolving" I was not ready haha. WOW this is so clean!! from start to end the visual is flawless! you make some seriously good points too, but i think a lot of us who were bullied or picked on it does sometimes make us better it teaches us that we would never want to make others feel that way. i really like your format its amazing! your voice is wonderful too perfect for voice overs. don't worry you are also very handsome haha.
  • duffy reply Really well done video dude!
  • MisterHan2000 reply Slick editing! I love the style you use.
  • jonathanrc05 reply Great video! They say that you will miss high school when you get to college. Is this true?
  • Tai_Moya reply Dang man. Nice vid, I myself dropped out, after a year went to adult ed (but then eventually dropped out again to get a job) and that is where I'm at now. I plan on going back (cuz without the paper it's hard to get a job) moving forward, peace ✌
  • [ – ] dancrivelli reply I so agree with the social aspect it also taught me how to learn and research. But alot of people learn in different ways, I am more visual videos and such, so when teachers made me copy what was on the board it went in my head onto the paper then never back into my head.
  • QuasarGaming reply How many hours of editing did this one take?
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