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  • AllTheCoins reply That's true. But I'm no where near that point lol
  • [ – ] GamingSinceGaming reply You want the benefits of being funded by your viewers. Which includes money that goes directly to you. So you can buy yourself a burrito if you feel like it. Of course, some of it would benefit your channel. But let's be real, content creators need supporters to progress. This vid started off a little sugar coated, which I wasn't a fan of. Just own that shit. =D
    • [ – ] AllTheCoins parent reply I'm serious about it only going to the channel though! It's why I have a full time job lol
      • GamingSinceGaming parent reply realisticly, in order for your channel to be a success you would need to make it your new full time job. and to do that you would have to rely on fan funding.
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