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  • [ – ] thevoidisfull reply I once lived with my ex for 10 years. The thing I disliked the most was the farting and constant pulling me away from my creative spark during times I was deep in the groove. My experience left me to become celibate, and that has been since october 2014. Now that I am closer to 40 than I am 30 I will just stay single for life and experience life in a way thats different than most of other humans. I love your silliness in the video. And FYI in the states if you say "angel dust" it means the drug PCP. lol !
    • Mr2ndopinion parent reply So you been with one of the wicked sisters before you got to know the right one... I tell you these people test you, if I was you I'd go for the 4th girl the one you helped get in shape for a real and serious relationship not some flabbergasting... I was never a getting gifts kind of guy... no such things as gifts or presents from anyone.
  • [ – ] mr1van reply There isn't a place I'm safe from where people won't get made at me for screaming along my songs!
    • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Do you scream along ? I don't anymore... my girl told me... fine you wanna listen to heavy sht... fine but don't you be a douche about it. I told her, sure lady unless you want it. ;)
  • [ – ] YousefArt reply Me & @Toilet live together , well.. kinda
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply This video started out funny, & it stayed that way, but as it goes along, he really gets deep with it. This was my 1st video of @Mr2ndopinion but it makes me want to check out more.
    • Mr2ndopinion parent reply Yeah, i don't move in a straight line. I have my ups and downs in a video :) Thanks for the compliment I appreciate it! :)
  • DoneRiotinDonnyALRIGHT reply "She had a a dck" Lol
  • Mr2ndopinion reply Friends of you are moving in together??? If so TAG THEM! Thanks!
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