Yakitate!! Japan review

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  • [ – ] RSNAnime reply Well, I like the comedy in Gintama so I'd probably like it here. And I like how you talk about the comedy. Also congrats on getting 100 followeres. I need to check out some of these obscure anime that you've made reviews from.
    • theoldsparrow parent reply Gintama and Yakitate parallel each other pretty well. The plot is different for each but the comedy is similar. Thank you. :D Please do. One of the goals of my channel is to get people into good anime they might otherwise miss and have more nuanced conversations about anime because we're all more knowledgeable because of it.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply This sounds really funny! I appreciate your background regarding puns and the differences from Japanese culture versus other English speaking areas of the world.
    • theoldsparrow parent reply It's pretty hilarious. The jokes come at you pretty fast so when you're done laughing at one the next is right around the corner.
  • [ – ] ravenvonstrange reply I loved this anime :D
  • MissMulti reply An anime about bread lol xD I love Gintama but my sense of humour can fluctuate sometimes gintama will be funny other times not so much :/ How are you finding making reviews? Are you enjoying it? :D
  • [ – ] xCreativeNotion reply btw whats your favorite anime?
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply It's kind of weird that I don't have one. For me I have a lot of things I really like in a bunch of different genres so I usually don't rank them. It really depends on which mood I'm in and how an anime can fit that. If I want an enthralling drama a comedy wouldn't fit at that moment. That said I tend to like comedies more than other genres.
      • [ – ] xCreativeNotion parent reply so many good anime out there who can really have just 1 favorite anime lol. Well mine so far is Hunter x Hunter and of course the obvious answer one piece. But I was truly surprised By One Punch Man Its REALLY good!
  • xCreativeNotion reply AY man that beard color is pretty cool! lol just discovered your channel. Hopefully you take the time to check mine out,
  • WeirdestNews reply Cool Beard bro, I used to review anime as well. Check out my channel on here, it's all about weird news. You might like it.
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