Sonic Theory: Is Sonic Stuck in a Time Loop Paradox? (Project Sonic 2017)

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  • Seawolf25 reply holy crow! you guys are just shattering my mind in amazing ways!!
  • [ – ] Elkplaysandpaints reply This was such a cool idea that you came up with. I wonder if Sonic Team ever came up with an possible plot like this in the planning stages?
  • [ – ] Mattwo reply "Feels like whenever Sonic and his friends try to change the past they wound up creating an even worse future." WUT? I've seen no evidence of this. ESPECIALLY not with Sonic CD. It's bad enough you have no evidence from Project 2017 itself but you failed to back up your claim with the evidence you CAN show. That's not a theory. It's barely even a hypothesis or a loose idea you're just tossing around but doesn't really stick.
    • [ – ] GamerGuyd7Aces parent reply This is more of a Speculation-Theory. And I back it up using Science. Also I never brought up Sonic CD since that's not even on Sonic's world, it's on Little Planet
      • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply Science isn't enough to back up the claim that it FEELS like sonic and friends changing the past is creating a worse future. Also Little Planet was not in an alternate universe during the events of the game as Eggman had chained it down to Sonic's world, not to mention it stays around for a month and the game most likely did not span a month in the present. The only time it would be out of sync with the timeline of Sonic's world would be during the past segments. I should probably point out that Sonic 4 most likely occurred on a splinter timeline that provides a what-if scenario for the bad ending of Sonic CD so it doesn't count.
        • Mattwo parent reply Sorry, the only POSSIBLE time. There's still the chance that Little Planet was on the month of the year when it appears in Sonic's world during the past segments.
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