RCJ TUTORIAL - How To Enhance Your Voice With Audacity

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  • rcj-gaming reply Thank you so much for comment man - I'm up for any feed back to help me grow on vidme n YouTube ,thank you for taking time to watch n give me sum tips as well lol I'm still leaning
  • Alonewolf reply Just some constructive criticism for you: A hard limiter is not to do with "removing hardness". It's actually a type of dynamic range compressor, very similar to the other compressor you used. If you're not careful with both those tools, you can make sounds very uncomfortable and fatiguing to listen to. However, those default settings you used on them were ok for what you used them on. Another thing to keep in mind is that our ears get fooled into thinking things sound better just because they sound louder, so it's good to practice something called "loudness matching" on edited audio to make sure your ears aren't being tricked. The eq boosting, just like any other edit to audio - one setting doesn't work for all audio. However, a little low shelf boost of a few db, similar to what you did is a classic radio trick. I didn't know about that noise suppression tool you showed st the start either. Nice tip on how to use that one :) I rarely work with vocals, but I'll try and remember th...moreat for next time! Hope you appreciate the feedback. Thanks for the tutorial :)
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