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♪Kakariko Village - 50's Jazz/Doo-Wop (Black & White Version)♪

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November 11 2017

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This one took a bit longer than expected. I can't hear this song with out thinking of 50's Jazz/Doo-Wop. It has all those cliches (being in 6/8 time, same freggin' chord progression every Doo-Wop song seems to have, etc.) despite it originally kinda being... What, a country-ish acoustic guitar tune? I was a little surprised no one had done this yet. Hopefully, I not the only one that can hear it. At any rate, I really tried to capture as much of that 50's vibe as I could with this. I went for authenticity, I guess, in as many aspects of the project as I could. I tried to approach the mixing like they would back in the day. I kept it fairly mono, which is a change from the usual double tracked and hard panned stuff I usually do. I tried to only used effects that they would have back then. Just basic eq, compression, hall reverbs, no pitch correction, etc. Just was going for "that" sound. Was tough, not usually how I do things, audio wise. Video was different too. As you can see, I deliberately put the video in 4:3 aspect ratio (AKA not widescreen), and I rendered both a black and white version, and a "technicolor" version. Anyways, without too much more yammering on, interesting project, different direction, came out as a pretty fun video. Thanks. Technicolor Version: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\My Links//////////////////////////////// Twitch: Twitter: Get my music for free: Guitar String Fund/Patreon:

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