Switch Crashed Playing Zelda | Error Code 2162-0002

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  • YobeBit reply Troubleshooting Steps If your switch is not turning on or is frozen try a reset > Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds then let go > Press the power button again to turn it on and see if it works now. > If that does not work try docking the switch to the tv for a few minutes. > If it does not come on take it back out and try to turning it on one more time. If you are still having problems keep reading > From the Nintendo support page they want to know if the problem like freezing, crashing, errors, is a rare event or it stops you from using the console. If it only happens rarely then keep using it and monitor for further problems. > If your switch is not playable, or is having major problems then its time get in touch with Nintendo so I'll add a link to the Nintendo support page to select your region. https://www.nintendo.com/consumer/assets/region_select.jsp?d=contactus&f=1
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