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  • xxTejasxx reply I like this. keep it up
  • MadOliveGaming reply Great video! And i mostly agree. The only thing i dont agree with is the looks, becuase i like the look of youtube but it is indeed harder to navigate. Youtube should just dial its version back a few years tbh.. the last years they added "features" that are just fuckovers of perfectly fine mechanics... They started out so good but by removing features like showing videos your subbed chanels favorite and not to even mention the new way in which they get the videos for the main scren omfg... but yeah... dial back and ban bee movie and youtube can still revive :P Untill then I'll upload on both, to vidme and youtube, and let the viewer decide where they prefer to watch it.
  • Isaacgaming reply Oh shit missed clicked sorry dude I like the video a lot but accedentaly miss clicked the report trying to do something else also nice oc and very good points YouTube isn't doing good
  • senpai-material reply Good points. Nice video! :)
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