Charlie Charlie Challenge (old)

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  • lozmastermm reply Well that was a confusing journey.
  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply If your tripping on drugs you understand this and you want more. If drugs like don't do you shit... your like just another meme. Talking bout the click bait thumbnail btw Thrash videos, so I hope you don't mind my righteous opinion. Love son! <3
    • [ – ] lozmastermm parent reply I'm sorry? Literally understand none of that.
      • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Yeah I can tell on the video I watched of you, you got a hard time understanding more educated peoples. You are a good actor but I did professional acting classes by the way. Now, you can tell me my grammar sucks and stuff like that and believe that's what more educated means. ;) No hate, just opinion.
        • [ – ] lozmastermm parent reply Woah dude, lotta hostility. Ya doing good there man? Seem like you might have some self projecting issues tbh.
          • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Yeah sure when somebody speaks out against a person who is clearly wasting other people's time who had an interest in seeing something meaningful. I'm projecting my issues right? Sure you throw meaningful slurs at my head when I speak out at that. Are you just a compulsive liar or are you acting like your one to make people believe people are actually like you?!?
            • [ – ] lozmastermm parent reply Okay real quick bud, what are you mad at exactly? Your screaming both nonsensical gibberish and stuff that I'm pretty sure you are the only one thinking about.
              • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Unlike you, I'm not mad and I do not longer need to be in this conversation because I don't need to win a rigged game! Nice of you to make people believe i'm screaming while you are soooooo frustrated now behind your computer screen. To bad you didn't pull anyone into your scam this time!
                • [ – ] lozmastermm parent reply It honestly seems like you're trying to troll but it's so incoherent that I honestly couldn't tell ya what your problem is. Seriously I have no clue, something to do with the thumbnail? It's literally one of the first results in google images if you search "Charlie Charlie Challenge"
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