Hating Women Isn't a Traditional Western Value

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply Styx!!! Mending fences. Some women are so beautiful tho, no way i could go my own way lmao. Best way to avoid being taken advantage of is using condoms or the pullout system to avoid having a kid until youve found the right girl to have your child. Always works for me. The sexes compliment each other, we should use our strengths and weaknesses in tandem to become a stronger society. All part of the drive from the left to tear society apart.
  • JamieLeigh reply I would REALLY LOVE to debate/chat with you in a live Google chat, or YouNow, your choice. Please contact me!!!
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply If women got less than I would start a business and hire all woman
  • Cmygo reply Yes young goyim listen to the perma virgin about anything that has to do with the relationship between men and women xD
  • OralRobots reply The video title suggests that you're conflating MGTOW with "hating women." MGTOW isn't about hating women, nor even about completely avoiding women. It's about living life on your own terms. Funny how you get that not all feminists are radical third wavers while totally missing that not all MGTOWs are radical misogynists.
  • DueyBear reply I find you one of the most rational voices on the internet. Thank you.
  • [ – ] StolenMoment reply Independent? Self-reliant? Do your own laundry? MGTOW may be the way of your philosophy. No meetings, no dues. Just live.
    • OralRobots parent reply Correct. MGTOW means going your own way. Not starting a movement. Not proselytizing others into your belief system. If you're warning other men of the pitfalls of marriage, divorce, and family law, you're MRA, not MGTOW. If you're truly going your way, chances are other people won't even notice what you're doing.
  • I3UTM reply This is why there are legtiment reasons to support MRA's and also support women without being a feminist or MGTOW. The court system has screwed both men and women when it comes to individual liberty and rights. One, for men, they have their income and / or custody battles defeated. And two, for women, their rape cases that are actual cases with rape, are either struck down or the accused is acquitted due to status of the accused. Women-hating == men-hating. Neither are traditional. Both are modern. And both have their platforms on the internet. I am for a traditional sense of logic. What happens when a MGTOW goes their own away within MGTOW?
  • wolfalexzemla reply I like how the curtains moved before you started talking. Its like you are a vampire bat that just flew in the window and changed instantly.
  • [ – ] PapaMGTOW reply expand (possible spam) Neither is being a Satanist
  • wolfalexzemla reply Go fix me a turkey pot pie bitch
  • AxxL_Afriku reply your yt link doesnt work on the app
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