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  • [ – ] Natanahel reply Digibro's refined taste impresses me, he probably got it by watching My Little Ponny.
  • [ – ] WickedAnimeTroll reply Snob, your thoughts that Saint Seiya is getting a remake ?
    • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Shounen has the chance to become great again. But Toei, CGI and no Seiji Yokoyama music? That's an unholy trinity of adapting Saint Seiya which instantly puts it below the 1986 anime. The only problem there was the animation (because Toei). But at least maybe people will realise how good a shounen can be despite a certain naivety.
      • [ – ] WickedAnimeTroll parent reply so, the only way for "Shounen" to become great again is to remake older ones... Fist of the North Star and Rurouni Kenshin next, pls.
        • crzyboy190 parent reply Watch the 1986 anime.
        • Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Souten no Ken (which is actually a seinen for some reason, even though it uses a lot of shounen tropes) needs a remake too, though I doubt it's even possible to replicate the sheer detail of the manga's artstyle. Otokojuku would be nice too. Maybe there's still hope for shounen because of JoJo, though it's been going down in SC and DIU. But the manga parts 5-8 might actually be great, haven't read it, so I can't really tell. Shounen demographic has become highly profitable without requiring any effort. There's just no need to try for the creators.
    • ThatAnimeSnob parent reply it can't be worse than the later series
  • [ – ] silverdragon reply Who the fuck was the villain in this movie?, I can't remember.
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