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  • phantom_films reply requests from @theoldsparrow @AmandaFood @kcjonescentral @KayToons @DoobelS @Cl0mar
  • KayToons reply We survived 2016 for this?
  • DoobelS reply Yay, I've been waiting for this! :D Love what you did with my request, and funny video :-) "Emoji Movie Selling Like Godchurch" (Don't know how you can make it into a sketch, but they're the 5 most 2017 words I could think of...)
  • AmandaFood reply Jake Paul dabs to death. Or to Spiderman to make it less dark 😂
  • theoldsparrow reply A bit darker than usual but still funny. "Everyone talks about the president." and "What is Elon Musk doing?"
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