E3 Offering Public Passes?

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  • spiderfan_MJ reply So are you going to E3?
  • e_jeck reply If what you are saying is true about the halls being a bit sparse, then then the public pass offering is for one reason and one reason only: money. And it would seem that the executives running E3 couldn't care less about high-minded part of the games journalism crowd's fee fees. Games journalist becoming indignant about the unwashed masses fraternizing amongst their ranks is laughable. Many of them were once gaming peasants too. But things have changed in recent years. With the likes of YouTube, Twitch, and the new upstart Vidme, gaming journalism has become more fragmented and decentralized. The BlondNerds, Angry Joes, Boogie2988s, and the like could not exist. What are the gaming "journalists" going to say? That the opinions of those aforementioned contributors to the gaming world don't matter because they are not a part of established old media? Of course they wouldn't. They'd be trolled out of existence. What the attendees of E3 now have to realize is that the landscap...moree for consuming gaming media has changed. The old guard is dead. And they should embrace with open arms this change or find themselves irrelevant. I am going out on a limb here, but I am willing to say that most of the potential 15,000 E3 general public passes will be had by individuals most interested in gaming. Thus meaning most of them will be likeminded individuals enthusiastically interested in the medium. Hmm? Gaming "journalists" surrounded by people interested in gaming; imagine that. Unless of course these gaming journalists seriously think folks interested in soybean farming tech will be taking over, I don't have too much sympathy for their concerns. What are they afraid of? That games will become MORE popular? I have lived through EVERY major gaming trend of the past 40 years. I am dedicated to my hobby. If I decided to attend, do I stop mattering. I was gaming before most of them were even born and will be gaming long after many of them have lost interest. So to all the budding and future gaming journalists out there, get your tickets and go rub shoulders with the mucky mucks and network with others to make our hobby even greater. Now back to some Diablo III with my buds and a glass of rum on the rocks. C'e vediamo!
  • duffy reply im gonna go this year!
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