Trapper Cabin Part #5

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  • [ – ] kevindbrandt reply How much do you charge for making cabins?.. LOL!... only sort of kidding...
    • Markusooi parent reply Thats funny, I have thought about it and I am not sure. I think it could be a full time job, and it would be very rewarding compared to my current job. I think I would be very sad when the cabin would be done and it would not be mine. Thanks for watching
  • [ – ] montess2003 reply Looking good 😊 now a door πŸšͺ soon the roof and windows πŸ πŸ”‘β›ΊοΈ
    • Markusooi parent reply Feeling good about the project. Winter is coming and I hope to have it fully enclosed. Thanks for watching
  • Excell reply expand (possible spam) Can you follow me please.
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