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  • [ – ] KapteinKrokmo reply Is the PRO controller worth the money?
    • [ – ] ProjectJ parent reply Not especially IMO. The price is just too steep for a controller. The Switch comes with a shell for you to slide two Joycons into so that they act as a standard controller. The form factor on the shell is good enough that it will work just fine for most games. Perhaps if you play fighting games and prefer pad over arcade stick there might be a case for the pro controller. I'd wait for a good quality 3rd party pad, or else just find the pro controller used. It isn't worth full price IMO.
      • KapteinKrokmo parent reply I have been thinking about getting one the last month or so. But I agree with u on the grip. It works fine, and I don't play much fighting games :) Thanks 👍🏼
  • Mavrik reply I just dont get why nintendo refuses to have analog triggers on their controlers
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