VLOG 18 HTML, PHP and job offer

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  • [ – ] datnewtechnology reply D: the code sounds like it is really frustrating! I dont know if I am too late to help but for your two main issues, I really recommend checking out moment.js for date validation (I use it for work all the time and it makes dates way way easier!) and mailgun for email (I use it on idreamof.ryukyu, it is very reliable and easy to set up). Also, congratulations on the interview, it sounds like the phonecall really cheered you up at the end of the video :)
    • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply Thanks for the tips! Eventhough they are not helpful at the moment, I might need them later. Still struggling with the freaking form but they have to wait till I have more patience. Right now website is up and need to do more content on it :)
      • [ – ] datnewtechnology parent reply php forms are always a pain. When I have to use php to do stuff it always feels more confusing than it needs to be :x I am excited to hear you work more on your website and see your development skills grow! Also, I wanna say it is always inspirational to see your videos about your dancing too. Even though I am gifted with programmer's (nonexistent) muscles, it has always been a dream of mine to dance competitively, so I tell myself that if I keep watching your videos I will finally convince myself to join a studio and become awesome
        • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply You have dream to dance, I have dream to know how to do coding 😂 I was in school learning basics of coding but realized I don't have passion to really learn it on my spare time. Well now I have to.. I will update on the websites soon on video when I have time for it (maybe today 🤔). Have you been in dancelessons already and what kind of dancing was it?
          • [ – ] datnewtechnology parent reply I haven't, but I have been around it. I was in a high school movie (sorta) around breakdancing and I was a hiphop dj for years so that style of dance was always appealing to me. I have always wanted to get into that genre, along with ballet. I think ballet is the epitome of human beauty, so my obsession with aesthetics always draws me to it *_* I think the juxtaposition of style between the two genres is delightfully contrasted by their joint appreciation of competition, and I think that is the coolest thing ever Also, Black Swan is one of my most favorite films of all time, so that counts, right?
            • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply Ballet is beautiful but I cannot dance it yet 😩 been so busy with my own lessons that hadn't had time/energy to go to ballet lessons. Maybe next year if the secretaryjob does not take too much of my time 💪🏻 I haven't seen black swan yet, something wrong with me? 🤔 I just can't watch dance movies because I get so overly jealous that I can't dance that well 😂
              • [ – ] datnewtechnology parent reply :o you should watch it! it is so beautiful and the story is absolutely spectacular! It makes me pensive and think about my life, which is a feeling I really love. There are so many styles of dance that it is very understandable if you do not know ballet. I see videos about what the dancers have to do to learn and practice it, so brutal! But then again, I feel that any style of dance requires a lot for someone to truly get into it. What style of dance do you like the best?
                • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply That is true. Also seen documentaries of professional ballet dancer's lifestyle and that is rough. I am most into showdancing, I have been doing that for 17 years so that is where I am good at 😂 contemporary is also fun and soon trying commercial dancing!
    • datnewtechnology parent reply I just realized moments won't be as helpful if you are using php forms :x oops
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