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  • [ – ] ELBADGAMER reply now you arent a goat, Now you will become spiderman :V
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply OMG human, did you really eat that? You are a beast!!! Don't do that to sheep okay? First, we are too big to drop in one mouthful anyway! Have you tried eating a gecko before?! :D I noticed your channel cause you are called Billy Goat and I am Bobby The Sheep. So now we are AUTOMATING FRIENDS, you know? Do you want some grass? I mean the kind of grass in the field, human! I will find you on YouTube, hee hee!
    • [ – ] Billy_Goat parent reply howdy automatic friend! billy goat has never ate a gecko because they're too cute for eatins. i could go for some grass tho shit yeah
      • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Hee hee I have found you on YouTube already! The chocolate cardboard sandwich make me laugh like a sheep you know? But the liquid glow stick is dangerous for you ! Be careful Mr Goat, it could REALLY kill you, and it's not worth it for the views! <3 Especially with YouTube ad-pocalypse happening hee hee hee! Here's a tip for your bravery though! Sending love from Asia to you!! We live worlds apart and cultures apart but it's so cool we can meet cross-species on! If you have the time check out my YouTube too okay? <3
        • [ – ] Billy_Goat parent reply thank you so much for that, Bobby!!! i'm watching your omegle fake girl prank and i love it, haha! i subscribed
          • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Thanks human! You are a BILLY GOAT you will know sometimes we need to go BIRD HUNTING! So as a bird police I will catch all the bad bad bad birds on Omegle! See, I told you, we will be automatic friends Mr. Goat! <3 I will stay tuned for more of your funny videos -- but really, don't eat things that can kill you!!! <3
            • Billy_Goat parent reply i'll be staying tuned for more of your videos too Bobby! and don't worry, billy goat ain't dying no time soon YEEHAW GIT'R'DUNNNNNN
  • [ – ] Markusooi reply That is one big wolf spider, holy crap. Must have been tastey
  • [ – ] Justinator5000 reply OH MAN!!!! GOOD LORD... You're a brave soul!
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