I Never turn my back no my Loyal Friends

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  • [ – ] NightFright reply Thomas your the man who entertains people with your videos and the hard work you put into your art work and this is why I focus on doing my own work and why I block out the haters and move on keep grooving and moving I never insult anybody those that do are childish boys and they are not grown up enough to be around and they are jealous .
    • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Yeah, after much consideration I decided not to go back to vidlii.com, that platform is filled with hatred towards me right now, I don't see Vidlii succeeding in the future at all if this carries on in a worse state possible and thats my opinion,
  • NightFright reply @moderngamer16 I was on wenoo now banned after 5 years
  • NightFright reply @moderngamer16 I'm not one who judges anybody until the truth comes out he seems to know to much to little. He makes a video saying one thing then says another just like on wenoo . I was banned after 5 years of loyalty and the new Admin made a video about me when I did nothing. Now others comment the video assuming things they know nothing about me just a bunch of punk kids I will not listen to or deal with . On vidlii they channels there are so bad at least Thomas and I work hard on what we do thank you.
  • NightFright reply @vistafan12 it appears that your friend johnny has been banned from here why don't you show your self on camera so we can face each other you make up lies about me I never once pissed anybody off or I didn't even know you at the time please explain what I said to piss you off the answer is nothing!!!!!!! others are sticking up for me the thing is your just picking on me grow up and fly right buddy .
  • NightFright reply @vistafan12 Listen to me I never said you were a troll but you listened to one to get me banned. What he said was false about me there are two sides of the story it's your lost not mine . You need to quit hurting channels that are trying to have fun and that are good ones I will miss Fawz and he is a great owner.
  • vistafan12 reply @NightFright you're funny, i told you why you got banned on wenoo and you said I'm a troll. xDDDDD
  • NightFright reply @vistafan12 your going to listen to a troll well he will be banned here again for harassing me . I can't believe you would take his side and I know who he is let's leave it at that .
  • NightFright reply @MrJohnny4timez I reported you here to and you will be gone soon
  • NightFright reply @vistafan12 I spoke about a web site I liked I never once put any web site down anybody can go to any web site as they choose craftinglord21 made videos about different web sites and talked about zippcast why wasn't he banned it's a topic which you don't understand and why are you harassing me you won knock it off now !!!!! you lost a channel user get out of my life and take care of wenoo.
  • [ – ] NightFright reply Thomas I wanted you to know this channel on wenoo named vistafan21 uploaded the video that craftinglord21 made about you I reported it to Fawz on wenoo the one who is in charge. What happened to me is never been done in my life that Fawz took one side and this person reported me that I was picking on people and that is not true and I was banned for nothing I was on wenoo for 4 years and I am furious about this I lost everything I worked hard for it's up to you to go on wenoo and have that channel banned and help me get back on please
    • vistafan12 parent reply You are banned for harassing people. Understand this. You worked hard - you worked hard on convincing people to MetaJolt.
  • [ – ] NightFright reply Thomas craftinglord21 uploaded that video about you on vidlii web site again I think you need to pay a visit to the owner channel one more time buddy.
  • [ – ] DomsPlaylist reply There is always Night before you see the light
    • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Sorry for the late 35 minute reply man what's up.
      • [ – ] DomsPlaylist parent reply 35 minutes is not late xD I'm just trying to figure why people are still attacking you
        • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Well after my depressed video that I made and took break to reinvent myself. A friend of mine who I met last year from another video platform made a video rant on me because I did some shady stuff with that he infringed 2 of my videos and put down 'KILL ME PLEASE' on my depressed video so I took it down for Copyright on YouTube because all of my videos I produced is Copyrighted. then his supporters re—upload the same videos that my friend made against me I then took down every last one of them on YouTube which his supporters hated me for that.
          • [ – ] DomsPlaylist parent reply I really don't like it when people act like they have never done anything Shady in their lives. We are only human and All humans lie, Cheat, Steal and deceive it's just part of being human. But what makes us not like any other Species on Earth is that we have Compassion and the ability to Forget and Forgive. Everyone needs to stop acting like blood thirsty animals and Stop attacking each other . This is not the hunger games. Learn to get over your hate and develop a better Stress free life.
            • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas parent reply I couldn't agree more those who keep attacking me with sheer hatred is completely pointless which makes them more badder its best to stay positive.
  • moderngamer16 reply I was going to be neutral in this before you blocked me btw
  • [ – ] RobbieRotten reply AT he wanted to apologize
    • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Who wanted to apologise.
      • [ – ] RobbieRotten parent reply craftinglord
        • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Hmpe Yeah right, the fact he didn't trust me and now these people have turned against me since yesterday, I already saw the level of Bullshit comments that was made on Vidlii when I woke up this morning. When I make friends with someone who is loyal to me I don't go round making a rant video against my friend infringing their videos and get all my supporters to hate on my friend which is the lowest of the low.
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