Death Road To Canada Stream Part 1 (Road Trip With Friendos...Kinda)

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  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply This is such a fun game, just be careful of the DMCA claims from the creator of it, she's relentless but I really enjoyed this anyways.
    • Comander-O parent reply Good to know I'll keep an eye out for when that claim happens. Also I agree it's a fun game and I am glad you enjoyed it. :D
  • [ – ] CloeKitten reply Absolutely enjoyed this video. The dialog is pretty silly and it's very luck based. Thanks for a great video Comander
    • [ – ] Comander-O parent reply Your welcomed! Also from what I can tell since I may have played some more after I streamed this it's not entirely luck based actually. Just got to have people with the right skills for a guaranteed success or have good rng with someone having a high stat in certain skills. =)
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