Todays Boring "Left" Would Have Spurned the Counterculture and Embraced the Temperance Movement

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  • [ – ] Vaerynn reply Sup, buddy. Dig the vid. That's about all.... peace out.
  • Brandon95 reply The "Left" of today need to BTFO and shut the fuck up.
  • TARoe reply I have been inundated with labels from my children. My daughters ages 29, 19, 16 are so influenced by their circle of influencers and friends. This last election was the first time I truly felt isolated in my household as even my wife accepted the MSM line about how evil Trump was. I tried to reason with them, but to no avail; so relieved he won, but the tension has only just recently begun to ease. Of course I don't need the approval of others to sit comfortably in my understanding and logic. I even believe that losing my media production manager job at my company in south Florida of more than 5 years, might have been the result of my leanings. I feel vindicated by the positive effect of Trump's election, but it is a subdued revelry. :-)
  • Auceza reply The important question: Are the corporatists and psychologists able to control the public opinion? Actually they failed with the lame stream media. But they will return, even more sophisticated and much more dangerous. At one point, maybe, they will gain enough control to end this "game of free speech" you described.
  • [ – ] makorehakolbeseder reply have you noticed that the "purge" has officially started today? notice how there are no more comments on any political youtube channel.
    • Auceza parent reply Depends on the channel you visit. YouTube is already censoring for a long time by hiding comments. Here are 2 very informative videos i highly recommend about this topic: I Hope You Can Speak Chinese ... Throttling Theory ...
    • [ – ] abpjd parent reply I noticed, if they don't want my comment they won't get my view, :)
      • abpjd parent reply I'm referring more to those corporate channels, they all started disabling comments (the ones that didn't already do it)... :)
  • QuiteFrankly reply The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'
  • CapnPipsqueak reply Watching it here for the first time because YouTube is butchering video quality.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply Good interview with H.A. Goodman, Styx. :-) GOOGLE YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP THREATENS EVERYONE: Styxhexenhammer666 and H. A. Goodman On Censorship
  • Cyriu reply In the end, the left and the right will continue to fight each other. This is why I don't belief in overall collectivism and highly consider the concept of individualism.
  • tkuhner reply I like better now that I've started using it on a regular basis.
  • [ – ] buderfly7 reply Do we get more spoon clank on vidme?
  • SixthScaleCombat reply That's right Styx, the Left used to be about 'free think' not 'wrong think'...
  • ClassicalLiberal reply Great point that vidme staff should note after 7min: if you want to grow exponentially, be part of the new censorship free culture that is rapidly growing. Mark Styx's words! Remove your policies that censor things that are not illegal!
  • ClassicalLiberal reply Brilliant, Styx. I've been thinking about how every SJW could actually be accused of 'racism', 'sexism', 'xenophobia', 'islamophobia' etc if we search through their statements. Thinking of making a few complaints to Youtube against SJWs, not because I believe in censorship but to teach them a lesson about it.
  • Guandelae reply 3:28 Almost the exact same thing happened in Far Cry 3. You get a flamethrower and have to go torch some guy's weed farm. So you get hella high when the bad guy NPC swarms come in.
  • ironrope reply YES STYX! NWOBHM IS ON THE RISE! seriously - i listen to specifically metal and rac/oi! music and the interest (in particular with the more mythical and epic NWOBHM bands) has grown dramatically over the past handful of years. i often too have made a prediction similar to yours about a "revival of rock music" in the western world...i sure hope it pans out indeed! i don't see why not...there is an entire youthful right wing movement that is going to need "soundtracks" for their lifestyles that the mainstream industries DON'T offer them! another great video styx. i made the switch to and am really happy you are on here. i will continue to watch your videos only on here - not going to give those bastards at GulagTube a cent!
  • Hagelbocken reply another great vid :D thx and yes you are right about the Swedish Lamestream music, one barely known dude wrights like 80% of the all the lyrics especially when it comes to the national "song contests" that later goes to the eurovision cluster-fuck contest. thank the gods for our metal bands ;)
  • TheRichman42 reply Alright, I'm here Styx! Got to say, I actually like Vidme, I'm pleasantly surprised. Video looks good, comments look good, I think I'm good. :)
  • Aldebaran519 reply Great video Spoonie!
  • [ – ] tkuhner reply I think the point is that the people pushing this progressive left movement don't want any more western progress. They want to enforce population control and manage the hell out of everything.
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