Sweet Review: Swizzels Drumstick Squashies

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Sorry to hear about your ear infection. The candy sounds good I don't like chewing candy that can get stuck in your teeth either. I stay away from that type. Hope your ear gets better soon.
  • thy_koosk reply I hope your ear infection is at least subsiding now (if not fully healed yet), and I also don't know why but the name of this candy sounds interesting, honestly idk why, I'm just weird and odd random things in life amuse me
  • nodetact reply What your followers may not realize is the real reason you're waiting to recover (or used to... damn my non follower ass for being three weeks late, lol) from your "mono-muted hearing", which is that not only is it a dreadful ordeal to undergo in general, but there are countless aspects of even retro gaming, anime/product reviews and platform security videos (that you've done stellar at by the way in the making) where a sharp audible perception is almost a godsend and/or necessity. And yeah, condiments have a peculiar means of the artificial flavors being outsourcing for original ones... must be a rush to the market industry unfortunate thing, i suppose!
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