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  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply In the first part of your video it sounds like you want to be a perfect wife. I don’t know why anyone would not want that. A man who has a wife and kids should spend his time making a better life for them. And cherish his time with the kids. A man like that would deserve a perfect wife. And he would want to be very involved with raising his children. I don’t call that a Head of Household Bitch, I call that a loving partner. Like you said, you have to need each other. In the middle of the video I’m thinking, “wow, this is the BEST video she’s ever made! This is a kind of passion she’s never shown before!” It’s like you’ve broken through something. You’re going to make someone a wonderful soulmate.
    • DancingSouless parent reply Thank you for the compliment on my video. Its just I had enough so i am being voicetress about it. I am being me. as for the breakthrough I didnt even know I had one?? I guess u saw something I didnt. which see this is what I love is that others can see what I cant. So it will help me a bit knowing what others see. I am glad you are pointing out things. 😊
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