ALT-Right vs ALT-Left... Here We Go.............. Trump's Statement 08/15/2017

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  • AKJames762 reply Very well done video, very well said. What makes no sense about this new surge in certain types of people buying firearms or obtaining cc permits is that they think once they do that, that's it and it's done. Like "ok I got me a pistol, I'm safe" or "I need protection, I'm gonna get my concealed carry permit" but they don't DO anything past that. Do you think you'll just know what to do when something happens? Us on the "Right" practice, train, prepare, rinse and repeat. I would never just buy a gun and feel safe until I've loaded it, unloaded it, disassembled and reassembled it, fired it, carried it etc etc. People who think all you need to do is buy a gun, get a permit and carry it are the ones who don't last too long when the time is necessary to use it. I'm not afraid of liberals or blacks owning weapons. It doesn't scare me that my enemies are armed. What keeps me uneasy is that there are hundreds and hundreds of people who now have guns they haven't the slightest idea how to prop...moreerly use and more than likely didn't take the time to learn laws regarding them either. The fear i have is that one of these ignorant savages will go to protest some conservative rally, Trump rally or other LAWFUL assembly and pull their gun because they FEEL like their life is in danger because they are an idiot, and some innocent person dies. Liberals don't have the same respect for firearms that we do and it will unfortunately cost lives in the future.
  • [ – ] mikehbr reply When did we turn into a nation of victims? Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and victim-hood sells t-shirts and air time. Never in my lifetime have I seen the media this bias, obtuse, and oblivious to the truth. There is a saying that "The Masses Are Asses" (quote attributed to Alexander Hamilton). The media is the milk that feeds the masses. I try to have faith that sanity and good judement will prevail. I also have a few 2nd amendment items, just in case that crap goes door to door down my street.
  • [ – ] HARMARSCH reply A RURdy4It rant. You hit so many nails on the head it's not even funny.
  • CTmasonry reply Right in the SUCK HOLE for these losers..
  • [ – ] CTmasonry reply Im watching CNN right now...i want to kick cooper,lemon and that white lash Jones in the mouth..
    • RURdy4It parent reply I will NEVER forget that jackass said on election night... "This is a white lash..." I was watching CNN live... I looked at James and said... "That is going to be the line he is going to be remembered for forever..." YUP
  • [ – ] CTmasonry reply Cooper , Jones, tamari, dennard, jones, etc are the biggest pantywaste cakeboys I've ever seen. They make ru Paul look like Mike Tyson .
  • [ – ] CTmasonry reply This was the exact conversation that I had at work today...with the same forecasted future....did you tap my phone or something????
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