animals & insects 'two of my favorite lady's' storm & shalimarfox

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Hey that Bee Bath turned into a Magpie Watering Hole, not sure how the bees would think of that LoL .Still I'm going to make a Bee Bath very soon once we get decent warm weather and upload some footage here on Vidme.
    • bohemefit2 parent reply :) looking forward to it, meantime it seems they dont mind sharing... (I di think storm is spoiled & that most of my outdoor efforts are for her - I saw her getting nesting matierals yesterday so maybe we will have the offspring of snow & storm come this spring??) but I am making a larger separate bird/butterfly bath above ground.. (will be putting some citrus scraps to feed the butterfly's) yeah we're getting 1 cold day i okay day then deluge at the moment, not long to spring! buttterflys are starting pop out everywhere..
  • [ – ] Thornack reply does the cat never thinks YUMMY! ?? xD
    • bohemefit2 parent reply was a funny moment, i was sitting between the two & all 3 of us were just absorbing the sun & relaxing in each others company.. for at least half an hour
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply haha no, to be truthful she acts big but if storm came near her outside she would fill her furs :) especially the big ravens I have here.. storm would be around 40cm from head to tail not a small bird......
      • [ – ] Thornack parent reply hahaha, so she is not that brave :) mine toke a pigeon down in the garden last day xD a big one!
        • bohemefit2 parent reply & yeah I joke with her that thor would be disappointed :)
        • bohemefit2 parent reply :( we have mynor birds from india (aka cane toads on wings) which kill the babies of other birds in the nest or kick them out. Theyre playing havoc on our native birds :( theres a ransom of $2 a head in some parts of queensland, these bastads I wouldnt mind killing off (humanely if such a thing) yeah cats are demolish-on team for small birds killing mostly for sport up to 20 small natives a day (hence why I keep sha inside) she would kill the small ones for the fun of it..
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