Calibri Reacts to...YOUR FAVORITE RANDOM CREATORS | 20th Episode Special Edition and COLLABORATION IDEA

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  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Watch through the whole video for my VidMe community collaboration idea! #RandomCreatorCoolKids Congratulations to all the randomly discovered creators we've found so far on this journey: @Octotiggy @DawnGamer @JackSkyblue @SpeechImpedimentStanley @DizzyD @The1Mazzy @JourneyStudioCo @TheExtraordinary1 @ItzWulf @ByteThat @WhatsInTheBox @VanceSova @BeckyBoop @PaleoSteno @ImPez @Jelxys_ @LocketheAuthentic @B4eternityends @TimikinZ @Mangaminx @Gambsmoore @LSIEGEL @xHYDE @Tritrot @Koni_Control @ParadoxPictures @ThomasCozine @jimmymullen @bat-burgalr @Cyan-Red @noface60 @EpicGameMusic @TheExperimentalFilm @Sakamoto_ @PleaseRewindNapoleon @flocello @Trudermark @TwoDorks @SmugKira @Janttu @RadNerdChannel @Snootle @InfernoDragon343 @Mykonosfan @Khostic @Tabbes @FabianM @twillyallen @SKILEXE @AxxL_Afriku @NodensWhisper @Pasticheofskin @Moonly @LilianEden @VinnyEastwoodNZ @nexxtmediaguide @ProvocativeZebra @ScottyRoxwell @soyjoseluis @AntoineJoyal @GameofTravis @Realyoung_Ike @GrommetGames @dem...moreogodofrock @FireRam @gomer21xx @LucasSaturn @EcoMouse @Hoshi-Hana @Fizz1 @BlastCoby @ArgentTemplar @halfhort
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply *highfive* that is a good idea! 20 minutes of Calibri does not sound like a bad idea either :P
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply Thank you for continuing the series! It has helped me find some cool creators (as well as your channel). Idk if I can help you with the video due to my computer recording software being the worst thing to ever exist, but Part 3 of my 100+ followers special will be a thank you to this series since I will be shouting out small verified creators (under 100 followers) chosen from the Random Creator button (it may take a few hits but... Eventually I'll find some)
    • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Yay! I'm really happy I can expand the community a little bit--this random creator button really has done some brilliant things! Don't even stress about the #RandomCreatorCoolKids collab, spreading the word is just as helpful! ;-) I look forward to your Small Random Creator segment!
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply This is the best series ever since it started. A lot of videos have made an inspiration because of this. :D
    • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply @JustHypeVibe THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I realize that many other channels have taken it upon themselves to also support random creators around @VidMe also. For that, I'm tickled and really excited to see this community grow! Hooray! Cheers, dude!
  • [ – ] FireRam reply Wow now that is a fab idea am definitely going to record me reacting to some of your random creators in fact now my shout out video is finished i might just go do that just now :-)
    • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply I was just sort of struck with the idea in the middle of doing takes and I thought it might be fun! I'm not sure how many people will actually be willing to participate, but we'll see!! :-) Thanks for all your support @FireRam! If you do plan on participating, feel free to use #RandomCreatorCoolKids (so I can search more easily later)!
      • FireRam parent reply Ok cool will do still need to do some editing work ect ect you and i have a feeling that there are some out takes and blooper i need to edit out lol roll the bloopers reel lol !
  • [ – ] GreyMovies reply This is a really awesome series! More people should do this kind of stuff. Not necessarily this format, but something like this. I think we might in the near future. Very awesome! Keep it up!
    • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply To be fair, this particular episode is very different from my usual format. I might recommend checking out one of my previous episodes to get a taste of how I handle my random creators segments! But I'm so excited you were able to check out today's episode!! Thank you!!!!
      • GreyMovies parent reply Definitely gonna check the older episodes when I have some free time! Want to see all the awesome creators you've featured!
  • [ – ] Pasticheofskin reply Hey @Calibri_Funtimes thanks again for the mention. I'm onboard ill Tag you in the video soon ^_^ Keep being awesome
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Hooray!!! Thank you so much! #RandomCreatorCoolKids should be the tag to use (so I can search more easily later LOL). I will try to be as awesome as best I can! Thank you @Pasticheofskin!
  • [ – ] EplxPro reply dont you have to be verified to be selected?
    • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Typically if a channel is verified the chances of landing on your channel via the Random Creator button increases. But to me, so long as you are a channel on @VidMe and that random creator button stops on you, I'm going to react. Fair and square. How are you finding your time here on vidme so far @EplxProductions?
      • [ – ] EplxPro parent reply Its been really fun. I focus on my channel views Vs. youtube and im getting views and I love it.
        • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply VidMe is a great place for increasing your online presence. It's a great community here who will really lift you up. Seriously, I probably would have given up a long time ago if it hadn't been for the really awesome people here!
  • [ – ] RadNerdChannel reply Hey thanks for checking up on us! Your shout out the first time was really appreciated and did help us grow more, thank you so much for that! You're awesome for doing this series!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Thank for being your rad selves! Always appreciate fun content creators with a good sense of humor! Thanks @RadNerdChannel
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Shoutout videos really do work, and that's how I end up following new people. Your channels success is you (happy sigh)!
    • Calibri_Funtimes parent reply Aw thanks @JustABloke I'm just the messenger, really. I try to give credit where it's due and frankly I'm fully aware my channel's success (so far) is largely in part due to what makes @VidMe so unique: it's a community-based video hosting platform.
  • [ – ] Jelxys_ reply Good one. I'm creating a new show with actual actors and other stuff. More coming soon. Thank you for including me in your awesome series
  • [ – ] SquareOneGuru reply You're contagious.
    • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply HA!!! Now you're infected with the Calibri Funtimes bug, @SquareOneGuru ! You will now have an inexplicable urge to randomly shout at random people and tell terrible puns. Side effects may include increased high fives usage and an upsurge of SASS. Lots of sass. ;-)
      • SquareOneGuru parent reply I can definitely feel the urge @Calibri_Funtimes ... I just hope that the sass and the puns make as much sense in the comment session as they do in my brain. People may be like, 'what in the world is he talking about.' I don't even know half the time.
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