Man Removed From College After Standing in Front of Statue

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  • [ – ] Mountainghost556 reply That woman at the end is just the type that would even go as far as to desecrate the graves of southern soldiers. And I feel that will be the next step.
  • Argyle_Gargoyle reply The majority of men who fought for the Confederacy were poor "rednecks". They fought because it was happening in their area, and they were too poor to get out of the way. Most were smart enough to understand that they were much poorer than northern farmers, because they had to compete with an unpaid workforce, but were also powerless to do anything about that, and were scared of what that unpaid workforce would do to them if freed--the rich would protect themselves. This guy is right, but he's tilting at windmills, because people just want to vilify people from history, who can no longer speak for themselves and are therefore are pre-silenced, rather than understand others, their opinions, and their circumstances.
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