Cheers to 2017 - Rambling And Some Free Advice

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  • [ – ] FaBon reply Actually, not a slow day at all for Pizzagate. The story has finally received serious reporting by CBS investigative reporter who says there is a lot more to Pizzagate than we have been told. I suggest you watch it. The report thinks it is very strange that considering all the facts about the Comet Ping Pong owner and his throng of perverts insofar as posts by them that are "Too disturbing to show on TV" . So since you have never really looked into this subject, I ask you to do so now. It is not just about the egg on your face it is about a serious story that will soon break and I want you to be on the right side of the argument...the one that will save children. You forgot to thank me for my $5.00 tip to your channel. Did you forget your manners? JK..You seem like a nice enough guy and I know I am a good person with good values and morals and the right intentions when it comes to Pizzagate. Give us a chance, we can show you documents and photos and tweets that will make you sick an...mored change all that you believe and all those we show you have never been denied as fakes or false or otherwise untrue in any way by those who are the original authors from James Alefantis and his followers. They can sue but they won't and I think any man with a smaller brain than a bird understands why they won't sue. BECAUSE IT IS ALL TRUE. Let's not let egos or politics divide this nation while sick elites get away with murder. I beg you to consider what is important here. I would not be opposed to calling you a friend in any case.
    • [ – ] GAM3RSDOOM parent reply Now, I have no problem with you, I have no problem with you disagreeing with me on pizzagate. Hell, I even like your sass. Seeing how pizzagate seems to be a moot point here, how about we just give up trying to convince the other one? It's not like its going to work either way. As for the tip, I wasn't planning on accepting it but its thought that counts so thank you.
      • [ – ] FaBon parent reply Agreed. No more on the subject...unless you want to talk about it. Now listen to me, I tipped you because you got my full attention and I don't find too many people who can do that these days. I am 62 yrs old and have lived a full life. I went four years of college Two years finishing school then changed my whole mind and did something entirely different Had to pay back the college loans but I never regretted what I did. I have traveled and jumped out of airplanes, worked on two political campaigns. My son was kidnapped at four yrs old and I personally did the investigative work when everyone else gave up and I found him. He since graduated college and is married to an angel and together they have given me two beautiful grandchildren. So much more I could tell you but the point is, I tried to just dismiss you as an annoyance but could not. I see something good in you, something worthwhile and certainly worth five bucks out of an old woman's pocket. So will you please let me win this...more one little argument and keep the money? I will be watching more of your videos. Thank you for being cool. You are the Boss! LOL : )
  • [ – ] FaBon reply One year anniversary and you are doing this well? Really? Congrats Boss! Or should I call you Mr.Manners? "Thank you guys for watching" Looks to me like you could easily thank them one by one, it is not like it would take all day, after all, Boss, wouldn't that be better manners? All the best for 2017 Mr. Manners, er, I mean Boss. : D
    • GAM3RSDOOM parent reply Must be a slow pizzagate day for you to be watching my videos ;) glad to have you as fan, and as always I'll see you in the next video.
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