Thought of the Week: "Positive Thoughts vs Negative People" (vlog)

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  • [ – ] Sand-Grain reply I often think about Yin Yang in life -- you got cool thoughts -- thank you!
    • Westley_Nash parent reply Thank you, that's very kind of you 😊 Yes I agree, the balance of the universe tends to be of equal opposites. Can't have one without the other 👍
  • [ – ] WhatNextSunshine reply These people are interestingly boring and they all tell you basically what they think about themselves. Any psy will tell you that :-))) <3 Happy Friday, dear:-)
    • Westley_Nash parent reply That they are 👍 They let their cynicism cloud their objectivity. We all get down, we all face hardship but there is always hope 😊 Happy Friday to you too Simone 😁🎩
  • [ – ] WhatNextSunshine reply I so like how you explain how you went about it.... Tumber. Ok. Tumbler :-))) wwow.... I dont like these attacks, it is just only totally stupid and ... just stupid and cowardiceish! :-///
    • [ – ] Westley_Nash parent reply It was the first time I'd faced that kind of thing, I was totally clueless 😂 Now I know what to do but it was a good chance to learn. Thanks Simone, it's good to know some people like a bit of positivity 🎩
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