Europe Is Killing Itself

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  • CommonSense__ reply Excellent video pat ! Keep them coming ! Vidme needs many more of these.
  • Robman reply Well, Europe is going to continue to be raped, because if they stand and fight back, this will set them on a logical path such that they ultimately must admit that Israel is in the right against her adversaries. And with relatively rare exceptions, truth be known, most Europeans would rather let their women be raped, their children brutalized, their civilians randomly gunned down, run over, or blown to bits...than to admit that the Joo State is right about anything. Think about it. You all know this is the truth.
  • Jemma9476 reply One of your best.
  • blurocket reply Hope Vidme doesn't become the same dictatorship Google has become. Pat needs to keep his wisdom in front of us, especially those who are still asleep to what's happening.
  • KristaKay reply 56 ISLAMIC STATES all conquered by their islamic sword is proof, islam reigns supreme as aggressors, conquerors, oppressors and colonialists.
  • rodney77 reply You don't think it's part of the 'grand design' of the super rich elites who are trying to install a One World Order, that they will rule? (sorry for the repost but all for a good cause :-)
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