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  • sh444 reply I'm really glad you're not just on YouTube. Thank you for all your work.
  • [ – ] Sargon_of_Akkad reply Sources:
  • praetoriancorps reply so happy you started using I am slowly getting completely done with youtube. And I much prefer this website because of the freedoms it offers compared to youtube. I will mostly follow you on here from now on.
  • EdgeLordSchoolShotta reply I have switched from YouTube to Vidme now, thank god I found you here on search. Love the work, mate!
  • GlitchyDeer reply Lets try out Vidme
  • TherapistBill reply Hail our new overlords.
  • gorrac reply i hope vidme takes over and destroys youtube and i hope the web takes note of why. its good to dream
  • gorrac reply i really hope people switch from youtube to vidme, and i hope when it happens the net takes notice of why.
  • suroka reply In short, Gamergate was just the tutorial level and the gaming press was at best a low level mini-boss to prepare us for the real fight.
  • MickiDaWop reply Molyneux 16:18 - And Pepe said, I tell you that you are Sargon, and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of YouTube will not conquer it. And Kek was pleased.
  • NotHome reply sick sick sick. Do these people have no shame or understand how the internet works.
  • Eisenkaiser reply Vidme seems like a good alternative to ShillTube.
  • GarrettDark reply It's good to diversify, it reduces risk of totally getting wiped out by just relying on one platform. It also takes away power from one platform, creates competition, and incentivizes better services from platforms. Heck, Vidme gives an option to download the video and the comment section actually seems decent, something YouTube has been falling on their face with for many years.
  • skunkdude reply I'm done with youtube, I'm glad you moved here
  • PikeRDM reply nice to see you take the first steps to being free from dependence on youtube.
  • CuneiformHub reply I didn't know you were on until I watched this video. I found myself only going to YouTube to watch your and some other people's videos, now's getting good.
  • Gariwald reply Just to share : A decentrenlised open source tweeter
  • AntiPopeJ reply Nothing stays good for long
  • delboy3130 reply praetoriancorps 1d who loves ya baby
  • noyerr0l3 reply Sargon what happened with your shit-posting channel?
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