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  • TheUnderNetwork reply Season 4 Competitive Points Bronze - 100 Competitive Points Badge 2 Silver - 200 Competitive Points Badge 3 Gold - 400 Competitive Points Badge 4 Platinum - 800 Competitive Points Badge 5 Diamond - 1200 Competitive Points Badge 6 Master - 2000 Competitive Points Badge 7 Grandmaster - 3000 Competitive Points Season 2 Competitive Points Is basically your current rating equal to the amount of points. If your rating is 2668 then you receive 2668 CP.
  • TheUnderNetwork reply Before anyone claims that Blizzard already told us about the changes of the stupid CP score system they could easily have added a simple chart into the game. They did this on purpose to squeeze out as much as they could out of Season 4. Because most of my online friends didn't know about this and they are just as pissed off as I am.
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