LATE BLOOMER- My Personal Inspirational Story

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  • [ – ] JenniferDaww reply I am very clumsy and slow and it puts me behind on a lot of things, it's very important not to get the idea there is only one way to do things as that can make it worse. Good job !
    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply @HeroicVillain can prove it, but I've actually said something very insightful in light of the more-than-one-way tactfulness back ago! Mostly, I myself am just slow, but the clumsiness rarely if ever comes to me... For a guy like me, it has a tendency to be admirable when having intellectual disabilities if there are indiscreet variations between those and your wealth of mental capacities (my high functioning autism is but one self empowering factor in that stead!), but in my own sexist frame of thought, if you are a girl who is forgetful yet leadership oriented, lamenting to her own stupor yet very in control, not as clumsy as she is creative, is more ambitious than she is emotional, yet still has immense feelings that overcome any possibility of being smugly power hungry and has insecurities that net up to par with their daydreaming's, that is not a girl with no intellectual potential... That's a turn on! @JenniferDaww must be thinking "oh stahp, you're making ol' Jennifer D'aww!" rea...moreding this!
      • JenniferDaww parent reply I can do most things other people can do, I just have to find my own way, if I struggle to put myself into others "Right way" of doing something I have a hard time. I Find tutorials from people who have similar problems help a lot so I try to do the same thing. I'm glad you don't find clumsiness a bad thing so long as it's not a crutch :D
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