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  • [ – ] American_Devil reply The t square is part of any social gathering at some level...Vidme has created a place for the YouTube censorship to empty into...Will it be able to hold the vacuum with out bursting or being popped? I guess we'll find out, :) I have noticed that creators here don't really support each other (just like YouTube) short of a follow and an initial like or share, this makes sense because it's pretty much the same mentality, follow for a follow,(just an observation)... I'll be damned if I could get another musician or gardener to follow and engage with me on my channel, LOL...Just l...moreike YouTube we are either considered competition or a (lesser form of) by potential like minded persons or because it is "not what we're into" so we don't give one another the time of day...But I do like the sense of community on here and I'm not complaining, just another observation... :) YouTube is a very loud, full echo chamber, Vidme is an empty but "filling up" echo chamber... I primarily like to chat so I don't mind going where there's good conversation, like here, :) Great reading by the way, listening to you has it all coming back to me, I used to be really into this stuff and have since forgotten a about it... Till now, :)
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Glad you enjoyed the reading and honestly I think the support thing was from personal experience. It's interesting that I semi-got you back into astrology. When I came on here people commented on my first video and I commented on others. I've made more connections on here than on YouTube. Idk how it is now or for other people.
      • [ – ] American_Devil parent reply Yeah good stuff really enjoyed it, Yeah there are very nice people like you who have been great to chat with it's not an echo chamber on here yet... I really want Vidme to succeed, people coming here from YouTube are used to a certain way, little things like blaming YouTube for not receiving messages...While it is true that YouTube was dropping the ball on messages about half the people would just use it as an excuse to be fake, LOL Not an issue here on Vidme but I've already heard and seen people use the age old" I didn't get a notification" line LOL, They forget video has their stuff together on that, :) Doing a reading on a social network was a great idea, :)
        • thy_koosk parent reply Thank you and I agree, sometimes I actually don't get notifications though, glitches do happen but you can just look at your videos. But I see where you're coming from and I hope what's happening right now continues for sure and the playing feild is changed
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply Oh ma gaaaaawd.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply if vidme is exploratory, i want vidme to explore me. if any staff is reading this, hmu in the dms ayy sugar bb. also i like redromina, she's dope
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply You're great 😂 vidme explores the businees and then will make a whole page called "Businees Explorations" which is all of your videos + videos of people reacting/responding/parodying you in a positive light (that would be interesting tbh...) And she is!!
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