The Ugly Truth About DACA

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  • hmckay reply Truth, logic and facts.... while they are our greatest weapons they tend to be largely ineffective on large groups of Americans. The Notions of individualism and materialism have destroyed cohesion amongst people of Western European descent.
  • mistrx reply Absolutely great presentation (yet depressing one)! This info must get out! Share, tell your friend's! This evil leftist plan must be stopped!
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply The only thing I want to hear about DACA is this: Deport All Criminal Aliens!
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply You are wrong about one thing, it is not easy to get disability status here in the United States because that status goes through the IRS and SS for benefit purposes or the DMV for driving status. Everyone is rejected by SS the first time they apply and it takes a year to 2 years for applying and response. To get a DMV card of disability for your vehicle or parking spot for work you must provide thorough documentation from a legal doctor that you have an ongoing or permanent impairment. Even obviously disabled people have a difficult time getting benefits. The main reason being is there isn't enough money to go around and there is a lot of fraud.
  • hdot_ reply Have a nice Weekend everyone!
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