Conspiracy or Not, Here We Come #43 - What A Tangled WEBB We Weave

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  • Cyndianne reply I don't garner any or hardly any truth from the news media here..
  • Cyndianne reply @AmaterasuSolar - That is also true..but even then,in a populated area as that baseball field was..residential housing aross the street..and police firing like they was on the range practicing..the Alexandria PD,U.S. Capitol PD and news media only push shit down peoples throat for one purpose..ratings.The scene one one end has a mini mall,one side has a YMCA and on the back side is houses..thinks it's bullshit..
  • Cyndianne reply @AmaterasuSolar - I'm just viewing video..thought I'd look at yours..and ask,was in Alexandria the day of the shooting roughly maybe 4 km away..but even then only two U.S. Capitol PD officers even that sounded like bullshit from the media and only one mobile phone video I've seen and even that is not truly spot on..
  • [ – ] Cyndianne reply I live about 20 minutes by car from the so called D.C. happened in Alexandria.Virginia..
  • [ – ] Cyndianne reply Nothing yet on William Tyndale..??
  • [ – ] TallDrink86 reply Anyone know what happened to William Tyndale ? does he have another page ? thanks for any help.
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