iSlam 2 Opposition to M-103 and the People's Republic of Canada

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply American student are to be taught the truth of ISLAMIC violence and how to combat it, that will have to hold the media accountable to the truth. That Social media has to be keep free and the monopolies like Google and Facebook have tried to sensor free speech. Hopefully that will include exposing the networks of the Islamic Brotherhood and it's related organization declared as terrorist organizations. The students will have to look outside of the USA to see where these terrorist are setting up camps and which foreign leaders need to be declared international criminals. Canada is becoming a haven for Islamic terrorist under Trudeau as many to the illegal boarder crossing are illegals and convicted criminals entering Canada. As part of there schooling these students should be encouraged to put pressure on Canada and Mexico to rid their countries of Radicals and gangs as part of their education on how to fight terrorism in North America. BREAKING – Supreme Court Ruling NO Islam In Publi...morec Schools watch?v=JfFP9sj_BCk
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Islamophobia, Trudeauphobia, NDPphobia, The NDP government used the CBC to attack Albertans calling them, Bigots, Xenophobic, etc. All because they held a protested because of a Decision of the Alberta Government that effected them. The NDP also decided to take a page out of Hitler's play book and put up a website to report NON Hate: Hate Crimes. Hitler had the children turn in their parents for voicing anything contrary to the state.
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