Vidme Intro (With some Rocket League Game Play)

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  • [ – ] JLGuardian reply thanks for following me on vidme thanks!
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply oh look a DeLorean!
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply This game makes me dizzy lol!
  • [ – ] JLGuardian reply So if you want to collaborate on anything I'm cool with that, for me I do some gaming related stuff, radio drama style videos, music videos and reaction videos though having trouble trying to find a open broadcast software like program to do that since I've is giving me trouble. But can you recommend me a software that allow to do reaction that's like OBS?
    • Gameflunkie parent reply well i use xsplit gamecaster, which is simple easy to use, cost $23 for 3 months at a time but is well worth it. Here is a link for it,
  • [ – ] JLGuardian reply I actually like both vidme and youtube but im liking more vidme since youtube isnt so well now with all its policies.
    • Gameflunkie parent reply I feel you, though I met alot of wonderful people over on youtube, I feel vid me is more content creator friendly.
  • [ – ] DyslexiCBeanie reply Thank you for following me on Vidme. Congrats on your verification. <3
  • Gameflunkie reply Lol it can be, especially the weird camera angles!! Thanks for watching!!! @Anonymous_Gamer
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