Rescue Cat "Halo" Drinks From Faucet. VidMe Episode #5.

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  • [ – ] 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist reply OK, so I'm wasting time watching a video of a cat drinking water. At least it's a White cat. Is it a good mouser? That would be a decent video context.
    • TheNewAmericanMedia parent reply Well,... Halo is an indoor cat, and we don't get a lot of mice,...but he would probably make an excellent hockey goalie. He likes this toy with a stick, a stretchy string, and a stuffed animal at the end. When the toy winds up and launches, he'll bat at it, and sometimes catch it. Up, down, left right, etc....he could probably block all of the hockey pucks in the world,.....if only we had a cat / hockey league....
  • [ – ] allcatsloved reply LOL! So cute! Binx, my shelter cat, likes to drink from the bathroom faucet, too! The rest of the brood prefers the tub. :D
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