10 Unpopular Opinions About Kingdom Hearts 1

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  • [ – ] TheWanderingWind reply You know, I had to think about it a moment, and you're right on plenty of those points. Many of the things we now think of in a less positive light really were better in the first game. I actually wish thay'd kept the tech points and Sora's personality the most, though. KH2 and beyond Sora is just.... disappointing. Not bad, per se, but just bland as hell.
    • ReverofEnola parent reply And hence why KH1 is my favorite one of the series and IMO one of the most underrated. Also agree with Sora's personality changing for kind of the worse. It just got REALLY apparent in DDD with KH2 providing the road map. RIP Tech points.
  • [ – ] TheeXtraPlayer reply agree! c:
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