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  • lewren reply A hiker, can not carry a fire-arm because your government is trying to disarm you- just as we've been in Europe (for the most part). You are going down the road of hardcore socialism.. or communism for that matter like @GeorgeMcGee says. Sorry to say, but America needs another civil war, or you will loose all those beautiful rights you have. It will happen unless you do something about it.
  • GeorgeMcGee reply Gun laws are communist laws period. Let’s get real. Democrats are the communist party. They want to die on their knees whether faced with physical threats from man or beast. These un-American Democrats don’t even want you to have your proper place on the food chain. Will a gun stop a bear? A .44 special or magnum will do the job in one shot. A Kalashnikov will kill an elephant or even a whale, proven fact. Bring enough gun™. Bro, they have you scared even to complain. But take heart, once the new Republicans purge out the old (never Trump) Republicans, we will isolate and reduce the number of Commu-crats in power and perhaps America can be great again like it was when I carried my .30-30 on walks when I was 14. Move to Florida. Open carry ( on the hip) is legal whenever hunting, fishing, hiking or camping. And..... we have skunk apes. I know. P.S. I ALWAYS carry a .44 and am always pleased to see Florida Law Enforcement in the field. George McGee, F.B.I. Florida Bigfoot Investi...moregators.
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