Does Every Detail Need to be Explained?

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  • SamEarl13 reply Good video, I personally like having plenty of detail but mostly prefer subtle hints over it being forced in your face all of a sudden (in cases when it isn't needed). In fact it really bothers me when they make prequels/sequels solely to fill in details that no one actually cared about or wanted to know.
  • JuanBagnell reply It really depends on what the movie is trying to accomplish. If the film is building its plot on some kind of mystery, then some examination of that story would be appropriate. All too often, producers can craft a better mystery than they can really answer, and we're left with unfulfilling endings, or the producers cop out and make the ending about something different than what the story was selling us. That's also why fantasy, science fiction, and horror are all so different. There is no rule which can cross genres, because they're all trying to do something different. A movie like the Omen has to withhold information from the audience in a very different way than say a romantic drama or a western.
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