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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I'm sorry that some assholes are bothering you on youtube. Some people need a life. I got to the fourth book of that series, A Feast for Crows, and I ended up dropping the series. I don't want to spoil it but it was pretty frustrating for me. That's just my opinion. Keep reading it if you like it though.
    • [ – ] wabinosabi parent reply =)! YouTube is annoying in general, but not everyone is bad. I've just encountered a lot of bad for some reason >.< Oh you can spoil it, it's alright. I've literally read almost any sort of major/minor spoilers and I already know what happens for the most part in the series. Plus there's this really cool youtuber (Alt shift x) who makes really detailed videos that explore fan theories or the histories. Preston Jacobs does as well. So what I'm trying to say is...I've spoiled myself to the point of no return lol ^^ I heard a lot of people say that they've dropped it around that book as well though. Honestly George could have ended the series after the second one with the pacing it had...or the third one...I heard the 4th and 5th one get really out there...and since it seems like he's never going to finish the I just depressed myself ^^''
      • theoldsparrow parent reply I have a lot more fun interactions here on vidme than I ever do on youtube. It's a small group of people so you see the same people all the time but everyone is super chill here. For me a Feast of Crows just was focusing on all of the people I didn't care about. I wanted to know what's going on with Jon Snow, Arya, and Tyrion. Not the female knight and Jon's goofy buddy. Don't get too depressed. It reminds me of Berserk the way it's going. If Martin finishes the series I might make another attempt.
      • wabinosabi parent reply (Also thank you for commenting, watching, upvoting and tipping ) ^^
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