Life Sucks - Ugliness.

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  • Xavier_Bit reply Five steps to be beautiful: 1. Work out (I am not talking about gym, go learn some martial arts. I prefer jiu jitsu because it needs no equipment, just bare will to win) at least three times a week. 2. Buy or adopt a big dog. Training and walking the dog is good for you. Subscribe to a canine club, meet other dog owners with the same interests. Your dog will show you real friendship for the first time. 3. Go to family gatherings, family, as annoying they might be, will train you to interact with others. 4. Go to parties, it doesn't matter if you are the only one single. You trained with the family gatherings how to interact and be funny / interesting. 5. DON'T SEARCH for a partner actively, but be open to accept if somebody is showing interest in your personality. Never try to be a friend if you like to conquer somebody. Good luck and keep going forward!
  • HeroicVillain reply @MamaMax Maybe you were ugly because you saw yourself that way and didn't see the point of taking care of all those things you later began taking care of. Or maybe...I don't know, maybe you shouldn't have been looking for a girl to be the source of your happiness. That's a lot of pressure for her, don't you think? It may be helpful to give others more credit. Instead of saying that they only rejected you because of your genetics, assume there were other factors - maybe none or few were personally about you. (e.g. I turned down a girl, a perfectly average-but-attractive girl, when I was in my teens because (1) She was a dead ringer for my mother when she was younger and it felt a little creepy, and (2) She was extremely insecure and as a result I felt more like I wanted to be protective of her like a big brother than take advantage of how desperate she was to feel someone be attracted to her, iow because having a romantic relationship with her felt wrong). Tough love hurts, brotha...more, but I gotta tell it to you like it is. and @WebNoob
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply "At least you have a nice personality.." "Fuck you." STORY. OF. MY. LIFE.
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply I need a hug now.
  • BirtyTorex reply I wish I could know this guy personally.
  • 23reasons reply This was a great video and message!!!!!!!!
  • odinquest reply I refuse to see ugly people.
  • xEverydayJohnx reply you speak the truth thank you for this video
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply I love animations. Sometimes they can reflect real life more accurately than dramatic reenactments.
  • Brentinitis reply This video is all too real...
  • AmberHart reply Body doesn't matter, because it's the soul that lives on, and the body will rot in the end. Everyone has a soulmate on this planet...everyone, from the smallest to the biggest. you just have to be doing what you do naturally to met that soulmate. I met mine, and he died 2 years later, but I met mine, two years is better then not finding them ever. It's about the soul!!! in the end the soul lives on.
  • intamin reply Lol, "We Need to Talk About Kevin" in the making right here... You don't like archery, do you? ;)
  • Splendid reply just be urself mayn
  • MegatronVirgin reply Go gay for list: Mama Max ... uum Mama Max
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