The Plague that is the Wall Street Journal

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  • [ – ] CaptainSwitzerland reply Fight the power. Loving the videos you guys across the pond are making on WSJ. I'm bashing the BBC over here.
    • [ – ] DerpieDoo parent reply BBC is deff its own very special form of jack ass.. :P When I was a kid, I used to love some of the shows on BBC.. why has our media in general gone to shit? :(
      • [ – ] CaptainSwitzerland parent reply The BBC still make some decent stuff here and there - but the news wing is another story. I wonder if things have got worse, or if we're just noticing it more...or both.
        • DerpieDoo parent reply deff both.. we are more sensitive to it.. but its gotten more and more ridiculous over the past couple years. which is likely whats made us sensitive to it :P'
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